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[notice] dream into reality: Contemporary Science Masters dialogue 2016 teacher’s Day eve, with autumn osmanthus fragrance, in the books of the millennium and the hundred years of academic hall, science and fantasy intertwined Yili magnificent brilliance. Science fiction predecessors and large coffee together, generous speech, encouraging dialogue, leading us to explore scientific flowers and static beauty of literature. Are you sure you want to know, what science fiction predecessors and large coffee will gather at the National Library Wenjin reading salon? A lot of No.1 he is the professor of geology, prehistoric archaeology Professor, researcher at the ancient environment of Pomology, famous science writer, writer of children’s literature, after the liberation of China first generation of science fiction writers, one of the world’s first Science Fiction Writers Association member Chinese. He continued to write and works several times, at home and abroad published 310 books, works total winning 151 times. He will be 85 years old at the map of China Wenjin reading salon, as long for the first Chinese sci-fi marchers about "development, Chinese science fiction literature". He is known as "one of the" China science fiction originator Liu Xingshi teacher. The Liu Xingshi coffee No.2 he is science fiction and science both a writer and a member of the world Chinese Science Fiction Association, a member of Chinese science writers association. He created the "secret garden", "star Pisces melody" "bright" right hand "in the shadow of the mysteries of Science (up and down)" and a series of popular works. "The ultimate control" has brought the sixth global Chinese science fiction Nebula Award for Best Novel Award for his P, the "battle of singularity" won the first award for best novel nominee and Star Award for best novel Jin kang. He is twenty years consistent from beginning to end science fiction Fan Xiao Xinghan teacher, will be in the country as we interpret the value and connotation of futuristic science fiction. Xiao Xinghan – big coffee No.3 he is doctor of literature, Chongqing University, assistant professor at the Institute for advanced study in the humanities and Social Sciences graduate tutor, Utopia Research (North America) member, "" the journal editorial board. Served as president of the Peking University Science Fiction Association, fifth, the sixth session of the global Chinese science fiction Nebula award judges, regularly publish "China science fiction monthly", "edited by Chinese of science fiction" (2016). China dedicated to contemporary literature, science fiction literature and culture, literature and thought, utopian thought history research China Li Guangyi teacher, from the historical perspective to observe China science fiction, for our interpretation of "science fiction China hundreds of years in the family ethics". The Li Guangyi coffee No.4 guest host Ren Dongmei lady is doctor of literature and science fiction writer, Chinese Research Institute of Taiwan Academy of Social Sciences assistant researcher, a member of the world Chinese Science Fiction Association, served as the first and the second session of the global Chinese science fiction Nebula award judges. She has published many academic papers in the Journal of modern Chinese culture and literature, Chinese comparative literature, Chinese book review and so on. The monograph "fantasy culture and modern China literary image" shortlisted for the seventh global Chinese science fiction Nebula Award for "best original book award", the "science fiction" in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of the future China "image comparison" finalists of the seventh global Chinese science fiction Nebula Award for "Best Award comments". "Ren Dongmei in September 9, 2016, at the seventh session of the whole)相关的主题文章:

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