Death as the cover CP sense users scolding Kubo for money use unscrupulous divisive tactics midd-885

"Death" as the cover CP sense users scolding Kubo for money "death exit · use unscrupulous divisive tactics; community" written by Kubo Obihito, from the beginning of 2001 published in Shueisha’s "weekly Shonen JUMP" on comics. Shortly before the "death" comic ushered in the final outcome, the outcome of the fans like Kurosaki Ichigo and Rukia had no wood together, which makes many fans feel very sad. The recent "death" of any final volume cover open, but cover strong CP but much friends tucao. "Look at the cover of the people who thought it was together, it seems that the end of the cartoon was found cheated." "You’re teasing me! Use this as a cover!" "Look at the cover." "Ichigo and Rukia fans to cry." "I’m relieved to see you all scolding." "The cover and the end of the cartoon, I can Tucao next year." "As soon as the party heart is very complex." "Dare to draw the cover! Do not fear readers to tell you to cheat consumers?" "When winter comes, there’s a new fuel for heating and lighting." "Someone else’s husband and wife on the other side of the cover." "And I can not tell, you are friendship, or miss the love." "This cover means that the two people derailed?" "Never seen such a shameless writer." "But Kubo Obihito was not happy about the world. Lulu also really beautiful burst." "I just like a teenager." "As soon as CP are removed, cover what?" "The end of a show quanqian." The final chapter also sold as a wave?" "This is different from before. It’s not that we can’t accept the final CP. But know the end actually pull exposed, people really should diaphragm." "Kubo is one I have seen in the most disgusting comics author, not one, 10 years of consumption Rukia’s popularity, the final volume cover as the main push to make money, I don’t eat this xiang." "Mad eyes have turned into the pit of heaven, for so many years, this is not an acceptable outcome most, not one." "Kubo, you didn’t let rose together, don’t have the ability to draw money in the final volume as soon as ah!" "I don’t understand, the author personally removed CP and used to draw the cover what motive?" What do you think of this? May wish to leave a message to tell her mother. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

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