Day ” national mistress ” is really small three, he said I was divorced

" " is the national mistress; it exposes mistress! He said to me: divorce " national mistress " Mami Hashimoto Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the Japanese portrait of actress Mami Hashimoto (Manami Hashimoto) has a proud G milk, plus the mysterious Cougar temperament, dubbed the "national mistress". She took the pure line, the day before on the show to share a turning point in his life, and self destruct "really mistresses," said at the time the man has been deceived, love shocked many people. When Mami Hashimoto was 16 years old with a neat short hair, with the pure image of pictorial idol debut, but the photo released almost did not sell out. Work rebuffed her, at the age of 27 when the transformation of sexy photo actress, did not think of this rage, also known as the "most wanted to let her become the mistress of the woman". Mami Hashimoto said, before the age of 25 is often described as "mistress of others face", "there should be contact with uncle, and blew past really once and Youfuzhifu exchanges," he often told me to divorce with his wife, I really mistresses." As for the man she lies to feel tired and decided to cut off, do not love london. (commissioning editor: rice)相关的主题文章:

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