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Dalian, the basic realization of the smart meter coverage reporters learned from the State Grid Liaoning Electric Co. Ltd. Dalian power supply company as of October 16th, the city completed to promote the work of the smart meter, smart meter coverage rate of 99.26%, the basic realization of full coverage, Dalian City, 3 million 760 thousand electricity users use smart meters, smart electricity into the new life. At the same time, power meter reading is no longer home meter reading, the use of mobile phone users terminals, computers and other ways to check and pay electricity bills. Progress: 6 years 3 million 760 thousand electricity users with smart meters according to the relevant Sales Department of Dalian power supply company, the national network of Liaoning Province, Dalian power supply company from the beginning of 2010 in the city started to promote the installation of smart meter project, the first half of this year, there are 370 thousand users to replace and use smart meters. For the electric information acquisition results used in power grid planning, safety production, management, quality service to be fully applied, the Dalian company established in 2016 to achieve full coverage, full of smart meter collection, full charge control strategy. At present, Dalian power supply company, according to the plan, by the end of October this year, has 3 million 760 thousand of the city’s electricity users all free replacement smart meters. Dalian power supply company statistics show that as of October 16th, a total of 1 million 5 thousand and 500 smart meters were installed in 2016, which, in 2015, the arrival of the smart table of only 246 thousand and 300, in 2016 the arrival of the smart table only 759 thousand and 200. Smart meter run 3 million 743 thousand and 500, smart meter coverage rate of 99.26%. The average daily success rate of high voltage users is 99.67%, and the average daily success rate of low voltage users is 99.08%. Installation: to achieve full coverage, full collection, full cost control recently, power supply in the thirty fort and battery power supply to the local electricity users of smart meter replacement work, "my son lived in the town last year, put on the smart meters, right, no matter what time how much electricity queries to estimate consumption convenient, saving electricity." An old man on a table and said. It is understood that at the beginning of this year, Dalian City Smart Meter coverage rate of 45%, to achieve global residents meter full collection, full coverage is very difficult. For the table during the Dalian power supply company to enter the community to carry out publicity, the media and the network to the client platform to publicize and introduce the smart meter use function, will replace the time promptly notify the customer to minimize the effects of changing table brings to the customer’s life, complete the reading collection card to the loading table for 3 days, the meter reading for this is not only to correct the old copy table indicates the number, time is not provided with the meter reading meter reading date conflict, especially the non resident card electric meter users, each for a table at least 2 meter reading back from the site, the customer does not catch at home or back to the copy number and that does not match the system you need to confirm the site again. Meter facelift work in the table, Dalian power supply company to strengthen the quality supervision and management of smart meters, high ability of construction personnel to deal with smart meters facelift field problems, and effectively protect the smart meter of reliable quality, accurate measurement, stable operation. In the process of intelligent meter replacement, the success rate has been kept at 99.9%相关的主题文章:

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