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"Crossover singer" new attempt by "   variety; ingenuity " build " Swiss " program – the media – original title: "ingenuity" to create a "heart" program [] Beijing TV culture window large cross-border music program "crossover singer" recently ending. Singing in the TV program full screen now, "crossover singer" after 12 period "crossover" fighting in the city of CSM35, the highest ratings reached 1.89%, over the weekend the provincial TV primetime competition three times ranked first. The new media, "crossover singer" reelected for twelve consecutive weeks micro-blog variety list, shows the main topic and subtopic reading of the total exceeded 8 billion 500 million people. This program is not only a successful attempt to innovative television variety program form, in the process of making it is also worth artisan spirit television thinking and pondering. "King" is a cross-border music sports programs, music is the core of the program, competition is the main form of the program, how to set up the system, can have great originality, is a big problem. "Crossover singer" with music as the starting point, with the out of the ordinary principle, from whom to sing, how to sing, how to design the system of the final completion of a program of the original music talent shows itself, have great originality. As the general director of "cross singer" Ma Hong said: "we have always told myself not to follow suit, will be valuable and content and nutrition program to do, not only bring the audience to enjoy the arts, also let them receive encouragement and inspiration." As a large capacity "music factory", "King" to cross the breadth of all rivers run into sea music, drama, fashion and other elements of the perfect fusion, after a total of 80 games in the top stage show, the stage to "crossover" as the carrier, the new "programming" subversive form of singing music, the ultimate the stage scenery laid the art and culture programs. In the design of the creative staff have great originality, each player in the show singing almost as a musical form, which has become one of the highlights of the program. However, behind the beautiful show is a huge pay. For each musical show was perfect, used in the show stage props will be close to 2000, the amount of such props on handling, very cumbersome, every transition for props need dozens of people fight against time, speed. To giant lamp, towering trees, small to a blossoming fresh roses, even horses, sheep and dogs that are not easy to control animal were used to stage presentation. The director of the group and every detail of the props are crafted to the point of Xiao Shenyang’s incapable of further increase, for example, a song is played before the war scene, the director thinks his shoes are clean, so the person to the shoes with ash. Almost demanding, "let cross-border singer" stage a props, each beam of light, each device, radiate a unique charm, the ultimate expression of each song’s artistic conception. "Breakthrough self transcendence" has inspired many complete metamorphosis in the "cross singer singer" on the stage of cross-border. This transformation also allows more viewers to re recognize the different. )相关的主题文章:

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