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Completely Jiepan: Monaco anti cold negative Pauli strive for victory this period full prize is very difficult, the second division method B team basically no international, after two weeks on the sidelines team’s basic state to be cleared, after all, after two weeks, tired also has recovered, the coach has run for. The big league is the legend of the FIFA virus, and this time are basically playing to play in the Champions League next week, so the war or problems. Big league: La Liga Monaco relatively safe anti cold negative big league included three field, Dortmund on Herta, Herta this season in a few major injuries have played well, and the current ranking Dortmund will go to Lisbon to be roughly the same, the key of the Champions League showdown Dortmund next week, after all, Lisbon is the direct competitive qualify for the Champions league. The French Toulouse once in the early game victory over Paris team home court, the defense firm, Monaco stranded FIFA virus, this is not very good play. La Liga is the two teams clash, Las Palmas had a good season, worth a look. B: Orlean de France gall Bo Pauli strive for victory of Germany and France to single game b Bo really is not too much, just some a few games. Auxerre suffer a big in the offseason before, but after the change manager after two weeks, the team may be improved, so this also need to focus on the emergence of inflection point. Le Havre Clement, forget the clash in Le Havre but inferior offseason before Le Havre ended a run of two consecutive wins a short time in the doldrums, Clement is still in this very state, it also needs a lot of research. The second division and two aspects of Bielefeld Pauli bottom team are disc behind, have got the first victory of the season may be. This is a suggestion that Orlean can play in a single game, and the compensation and water level changes are very reasonable, it is expected to get the vice squad leader Tour.

完全解盘:摩纳哥防冷负 圣保利力争首胜   本期足彩难度很大,德乙法乙球队基本没有国脚,休战两周之后各队的状态基本要清零,毕竟歇了两周,累的也都缓过来了,换主帅的也有所磨合了。大联赛就是传说中的FIFA病毒,加上这期提前打的基本都是下周要踢欧冠的,所以战意还是问题。   大联赛:西甲相对稳当 摩纳哥防冷负   大联赛方面入选了三场,多特对赫塔,赫塔本赛季在几名主力伤病的情况下打的还不错,当前和多特排名不相上下,多特下周要去里斯本进行欧冠最为关键的对决,毕竟里斯本竞技是其欧冠晋级的直接对手。法甲方面图卢兹曾经在提前比赛中主场完胜大巴黎,球队的防守比较稳固,摩纳哥受困FIFA病毒,这场不太好踢。西甲方面是两支中游球队的交锋,拉斯帕尔马斯本赛季表现不错,值得高看。   德法乙:奥尔良博胆 圣保利力争首胜   德法乙能单博的比赛真心不太多,只提点几场。欧塞尔在休赛期之前一败涂地,但换了主帅歇了两周之后,球队可能会有所起色,因此这场还需要关注拐点的出现。勒阿弗尔客战克莱蒙特,忘记交锋勒阿弗尔劣势,但休赛期之前勒阿弗尔一波两连胜终结了短时间的低迷,克莱蒙特这还是处于不胜状态,这场也需要多多研究。德乙方面比勒菲尔德和圣保利两支垫底球队都得到盘赔力挺,都有拿到赛季首胜的可能。本期法乙建议可以单博的比赛是奥尔良,盘赔和水位变化都很合理,有望拿下副班长图尔。相关的主题文章:

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