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Together with the children to complete the life of self growth — Reading — original title: together with the children to complete the life of self growth "the child is a philosopher: re found the child found himself", reproduce (Italy) Piero Ferrucci Zhang Jing translation? The Shanghai Academy of Social Science Press October 2016 "child rearing children work is not only a hard work, it is a spirit of adventure." — Piero? "Li Zhengrong Ferrucci child is a philosopher: Rediscovering the child, rediscover yourself" is the author known as "one of the" spirit of contemporary European psychology guides philosopher and psychotherapist Piero? Ferrucci, he is a professional, but not with "mentor" attitude to cultivate children, but is very good at discovering the world of children and adults are different in daily life, and children together to complete the self growth of life. So the English name of the book is "what the child has taught us.". As a father of two children, or two sons, I shudder — Piero? Every day like an earthquake Ferruzzi, all rules are deterministic, apart, to experience the novelty, tension, new thoughts and emotions emerge. Indeed, it is easy for parents to be frustrated and tired, but if we change the way of thinking, as a starting point for life, valuable growth opportunities, you can see a completely different landscape. "Every child is a philosopher," every chapter is worth chewing, I was most inspired by how fast and slow, orderly and chaotic. For example, we adults to eat as a task, to the time it is necessary to eat; eating is a physical development of science, the adult is to consider the amount of children to eat enough nutrition, comprehensive, how much? But for children, their world is not classified, all blend into one harmonious whole. There is no such thing as eating, eating is also dancing, getting along with people, enjoying, talking, learning the law of gravity, exploring all his feelings and playing time…… It’s time to do everything at the same time. We often say hurry, hurry. We will continue to urge the child. Piero? Ferruzzi child asked: "Dad, what time will it end?" The question prompted him to reflect on himself. I also think that my children have cried, I hope there is no time. It is easy to forget the children’s experience time is different from US adults, for adults, time is like an arrow, always pointing in one direction, and never return, must complete the task at top speed, get there. Piero? Ferruzzi said, children’s time is like a circle, not going anywhere. Of course, with socialization, the children will learn the concept of adult time, but our parents can learn from what? To learn to appreciate slowly, patience is a completely different way of perceiving things. We can realize that even adults can also have two ways, just as different streams and route of the train, the stream will hit a circle around the stones, plants, sometimes slow and sometimes there are rapids; train timetable)相关的主题文章:

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