Comments disguised implementation of 996 working system, the lack of the spirit of the Internet candle june

Comments: in the implementation of the "996" working system, lack of the spirit of the Internet in the implementation of the "996" working system, lack of the spirit of the Internet recently, the "996" working system has occupied the hot search. "996" is the working day as early as 9 to work, work late at night, working for 6 days a week, 9. In a lot of start-up companies, as well as a very successful enterprise like HUAWEI, 996 working system is not uncommon, but rarely see the boss asked the public to perform the work of the "996" phenomenon. The day before, is pushed in the teeth of the storm of 58 city, is the company’s human resources department to verbal notice, requiring employees to implement the "996" working system, can not leave, and no allowance and overtime. The news came out, many companies use social media to express dissatisfaction. Although the company responded in the face of media interviews: the company every year 9, October there will be mobilization, is a regular activity, the general mobilization is not mandatory. However, due to the specific implementation of the staff under the pressure of a kind of unspoken rules, the actual effect is equivalent to the company disguised coercion, so the 58 city boss micro-blog still left a lot of angry voice. In fact, many Internet Co in overtime as homely food, work 12 hours a day, only one day off every week of the system, has been implemented in many people. However, the company does not require or encourage employees to do so. So, once the company’s attitude changes, from the initiative of the employees will be greatly reduced ingredients. From a legal point of view, the "labor law" provisions of the workers working day is not more than 8 hours, the average weekly working time is not more than 44 hours of overtime; enterprises and workers need to negotiate, but most every day should not exceed 3 hours per month shall not exceed 36 hours. In addition, overtime must pay overtime, overtime 150% of wages on weekdays, the rest of the day overtime for the wages of 200%. these provisions in the city of 58 and a lot of overtime fierce company, may not have been strictly implemented. So, from the protection of the rights and interests of workers, many Internet Co are suspected of violating the provisions of the law. In the face of the company’s alleged violation of the provisions of the majority of employees is to choose to endure or leave, or resign to leave, rarely able to expend energy to resort to legal tools. For the company, out of a group of "eat bitter" through radical initiatives, including early employees of some privileged, equal to the actual "employees resign" instead of direct layoffs, to streamline downsizing of the target, the economic cost is very low. This approach is used more than once, from the side also shows that even white-collar workers, for their own rights and interests protection awareness and protection is not strong. The legal aspects of the problem is relatively difficult, partly hidden and partly visible evidence, based on the higher cost of rights, so that only to suggest that the practice is always full of challenge. Entrepreneurial winter period of Internet companies to discuss the efficiency of hunger. So, aside from the legal provisions of the provisions for the time being, such as 58 city disguised overtime, in order to enhance the efficiency of the company will really make sense? This is a very worthwhile question. Internet companies have been advertised innovation, equality, freedom.相关的主题文章:

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