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[color] celebrity baby’s forecast period: Lotto 16131st weight codes have the opportunity on the Lotto lottery results for 1123323334 + 0112, the sum of value out of 133 points, with the tail number out of 2333, size, mass ratio of 4:1 and 2:3 were out. Forecast number Lotto 2016131 historical data: first, in 2008-2015 years, 131 out of a total of 8, and were out of the 82-80-104-71-93-117-88-94, the last 2 historical period and amplitude fluctuation, the 2016131 period and the value is expected to more than 100 points about the sharp shock, region position. Two, 131 total lottery history 8 times, the average annual order of 16-16-21-14-19-23-18-19, the last 5 historical period 1 prefix mean more open, 2016131 consider the average rose slightly, from the best in the 2 prefix interval. Three, the 131 phase of the lottery objective statistical data, the number is in general, only in the 2009131 period, 2012131 period, 2013131 period, out of a period of 2015131, out of 2, the remaining 4 weight code number for all 0, I infer 2016131 have the opportunity to fill the number 1. Four, and even 8 historical observation data, a total of 3 not out even the rest of the 5 period, even group number were 1-2-1-2-12016131 period even covering probability is high, even the group number may be 1. Select a: 06,15,17,32,33 + 02,07 (source: color baby net)相关的主题文章:

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