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Don’t give up the city "pyrotechnic gas" (overseas real estate — listen to the wind) – if markets, streets and lanes bookstore, small square, small restaurants, can not find a reasonable way of existence, then the city will really become the lack of "concrete forest vegetation and sunshine" as to the way of city planning in Tokyo in 2020 the Olympic Games, Japan’s largest seafood wholesale market — the Tsukiji market coming in November this year, the relocation of. From the end of last year, the old market has erected a countdown of the relocation, every day to reduce the number of reminders from the crowds here, will disappear. Land market opened in 1935, the daily presence of more than 2900 tons of seafood and vegetables. In addition to a Japanese fish market price benchmark year tuna auction, fishmongers, cooks, housewives, diners, in this ancient fish Shou way, gave birth to the rich folk culture. It is reported that after the relocation of the new market is located in the modern building, will be equipped with the latest refrigeration equipment, more conducive to the transport and preservation of seafood products. However, the old market relocation, local residents still feel regret lost, a last glimpse of many tourists with "don’t come too late" mentality, the old market "". No one can say when the traditional market was born, but it has become a kind of life of urban residents. Although the market is essentially a commodity exchange economy place, but in the hearts of many people, the traditional food market is memorable, not only because it can bring the convenience of life, more important is through here and civic cultures life. And standardization, the supermarket and other forms of different forms of the market, the market retains the original vitality and acquaintances of the unique human nature charm. In the vegetable market, do not send a word, cold self-service shopping does not exist. In order to select desirable ingredients, people need to walk through the road, slightly messy crowds of people, through numerous stalls, selection, inquiry, bargaining; or neighbors will encounter acquaintances, Lara homemade and exchange information. Life is full of flavor "pyrotechnic gas", closer to people’s psychological distance, gave birth to the intimate feelings between people. For a city, the market is to understand the food here, customs and the fastest way to open the human. Has the relocation of the South Korean city of Seoul noryangjin Fisheries wholesale market, it is necessary to move the Tsukiji market, both carrying a city and a country’s history, is the most foreign tourists love to patronize the place. As Europe’s largest vegetable market, Spain Barcelona boqueria market, can be traced back to 1217, a tourist guide book "Lonely Planet" on it in detail. As the website said, boqueria market and the history of the city, city in all the families, their traditional festivals and intertwined. Come here to shop and visit, people pay attention to experience the unique culture of the city of Barcelona, where people love life, as well as the city’s fiery emotional expression. However, as the long-term viability of traditional boqueria market as the markets are in the minority. The absence of modern city traditional dishes market, to a certain extent相关的主题文章:

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