Chenzhou Rural Tourism Festival children’s home town of green heart experience Week held a launching liuxiaobo

Chenzhou Rural Tourism Festival of the green heart Tong Xiang parenting experience week launch ceremony held in September 24th, Chenzhou Tong Xiang Bu small green heart qinzaiyueyuan guests, friends, immersed in a festive atmosphere, the beautiful Chenzhou Rural Tourism Festival of the green heart Tong Xiang parenting experience start ceremony held this week. Chenzhou City Vice Mayor Beihu District Ms. Cao Xia, green heart project headquarters in Beijing for Mr. Meng Haigang, Mr. Deng Futang, chairman of Chenzhou port investment and Development Group Co. Ltd. Hunan Ren into electric power engineering installation Co. Ltd. Chairman Mr. Li Chengyong, Chenzhou Xiao BU Xiang Tong green heart project general manager Mr. Xu Le, as well as the major news media, the Chenzhou government departments at all levels and all provinces and cities kindergarten, friends of nearly 500 people attended the launching ceremony. Chenzhou Tong Xiang Xiao Bu green heart project general manager Mr. Xu Le first speech, thanks to the concern and support of the Chenzhou green heart Tong Xiang project municipal government leaders at all levels and the masses of the people, said Tong Xiang green heart Qinzileyuan heart, to create China top education children explore the natural park, close to nature, to create joy and warm humor parent-child love, creative novelty entertainment space, and take practical action to help the tourism economy development of Chenzhou gas! Mr. Deng Futang, chairman of the Chenzhou small port investment development group limited then said in his speech, he represented Chenzhou, Xiao Bu, will support the green heart Tong Xiang qinzaiyueyuan, promote tourism economic development in Chenzhou. Green heart project headquarters in Beijing for Mr. Meng Haigang made a concluding statement, our vision is the green heart of Tong Xiang qinzaiyueyuan construction has become the first Chinese parent-child theme park, to create a paradise for children Chinese, China tourism, education investment wisdom. Finally by the vice mayor of Chenzhou Beihu District Ms. Cao Xia announced the green heart Tong Xiang parenting experience week officially launched, and open the box, and the children flying together on behalf of love and happiness of colorful balloons. With the balloon slowly lifted, the heart of the child’s father and child experience week start ceremony also successfully concluded! The green heart Tong Xiang: green heart Tong Xiang Qinzileyuan children education is China natural exploration Park, located in Chenzhou City Xiao Bu Beihu District Nanling ecological city, adjacent to the small port village, about 20 minutes away from Chenzhou City, covers an area of 331 acres. Small park to bear cartoon theme landscape, taking the ecological environment as the base, creative reconstruction of landscape space, creating a close to nature, humor, joy warm love, creative novelty parent-child theme prominent entertainment space, to build the country’s most distinctive countryside, parenting, education, leisure and tourism destination. Park by land recreation area, water recreation area, forest recreation area, supporting service area four core functional areas, including the dream Yao village in · the scarecrow Festival, the first mountain sand sculpture festival, treasure maze, letaotao, spinning workshop, small fly, Abu bear arena, pottery hut, wisdom the book, jungle adventure, floating on the water, small fish in troubled waters, gourmet, Haitian Wonderland, star wars, and camp, firefly cinema, Abu the train of more than 30 kinds of projects. The two Art Festival: Dream Yao village · Scarecrow Festival: return to nature · to find the "rice" playful sun moon love Yao village, climb up the stairs, Millennium yaozhai wins paradise. Now, let me!相关的主题文章:

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