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Chen Xiaoqing denied the title "tongue 3" speech in Washington preparatory – Washington (reporter Li Xiazhi) in the "resignation" documentary director Chen Xiaoqing, yesterday appeared as a documentary "skind: Quest" new platform. In the new documentary into applause than his first rumor, said he has not yet left the CCTV record channel, currently still in office. Chen Xiaoqing said he also saw the resignation rumors online, but did not intend to do any response, said the Internet I submitted a resignation report to CCTV, but in fact there is no such thing." As for the general concern of the tongue on China 3, Chen Xiaoqing revealed that in fact has been in preparation. The documentary "skind: Quest new" since April 2015, after 3 months of planning, 2 months and 10 months of cross-border shooting film post production. Filming locations included more than 10 areas of Xinjiang, Pakistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and other 6 countries China, writer Wang Xiaoshan, Jiang Fangzhou and "homework" as a guest appearance, to experience the travel way and lead the audience all the way to enjoy the "Silk Road" wind light. The film in the video on the Internet after the click of a total of about 16000000 times, this data is more than the previous "red" documentary "I am in the Imperial Palace repair artifacts". It is understood that the "skind" second season has begun planning, the future will explore the Amazon and Machu Picchu, into the "dry" Atacama Desert and "the mirror of the sky" of Wu Youni saline lake.相关的主题文章:

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