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Blood white cite Gang reproduction   the first wave hit "Liaoyuan" deafening sound, entertainment channel, new album of the prairie grass Bai Gang held a year later, white cite gang brought his second album "weeds", a powerful energy music, make people feel the young heart and hot rock music at the beginning of the heart again. From the singer to form their own band White Max, from the song to the music producer, white cite gang spent more than a year. The album was produced by An Xiaonan, a producer from England, and white. Every song arranger, are white they begin again with producer arranger, discuss the modification direction, several adjustments, never compromise, until the song shows the way he wanted it. Refreshing is that this piece of "weeds" album with three series of theme, to convey the "very very very simple very stubborn youth rock" attitude of rock series in the first wave, and the theme of "Liaoyuan" in today’s exposure. This subject contains three songs, which are white with "Liaoyuan", express the masterpieces of 90 young rock musicians, indomitable and modest "us", or DEMO when we harvest countless praise White Max. During the creation of the album, the staff also have to discuss the direction of music with white, I would like to suggest that the white write some more popular and more efficient song. But always adhere to rock that white cite Gang they said: This is his music, each song is the moment he. Music is not efficient, only down to earth. "Everyone wants to fly the fastest way, but I just want to be grounded in the soil." Small white as said. Compared with "fast-food music", Bai Gang held more willing to slowly grinding, let the time to fulfill their dream of music, like in the series, this sentence planning teacher Tang Tian gave the silent white cite Gang: juvenile growth, like a fire! (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章:

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