Black Panther lineup Tim general Oscar winner Whitaker confirmed to join the entertainment Sohu gigolos

"Black Panther" lineup Tim general Oscar winner Whitaker Forest confirmed to join the entertainment Sohu – Whitaker joined the "Black Panther" Sohu entertainment news (text Da Zi) by Marvel studios to create comic blockbuster "Black Panther", today the play an important role: once in "the last king of Scotland" won the Oscar for best actor Forest laureate Whitaker, which has been confirmed to join the film, playing a fictional African countries political heavyweights. This also makes the "Black Panther" looks better. "Black Panther" derived from Marvel comics, eighteenth movie Marvel movie universe. From the movie "fruitvale station" "quiddy" gold director Ryan Kugler directed, starring lineup included Chadwick Bosman, Oscar winning actress Lupita Niyongao, Michael -B-, Jordan – and Dana – Jia – gurui pulling race. "Black Panther" this classic role, this year has been in the super large "Captain America 3: the debut" in the civil war, to the people left a very deep impression. "Black Panther" is a fictional African nation of Wakanda family panther, the leader of the call. Each generation of the Panthers have to eat a heart-shaped herb, so that you can get beyond mortal power and speed. The protagonist of the film "Tiqiala" father, died in the war against foreign enemies, he became a new generation of black panther was faced with a new crisis. Forest – Whitaker played is an important figure in the Wakanda, and the actor has a lot of play. "Black Panther" will be landing in North American Theaters on February 16, 2018. The 55 year old Forest – Whitaker, is still active in the Hollywood, on the film includes a number of Star Wars: "rogue" Grace biography "the fallen" "come" and "Memphis", "Black Panther" will be held this year was officially put on the shooting schedule.相关的主题文章:

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