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Chengdu seventy old man riding 20 years to write 120 words in the history of the war – Beijing Sichuan riding 20 years visited Chongqing War sites in the morning of September 2nd, the 72 year old He Yunzhong of Chengdu, looking at the WeChat mobile phone, a sigh of relief. Previously, Jiangsu Peixian found suspected Joseph Boneyard, two descendants of Joseph began now things have linkage, good results, the local civil affairs department said, Joseph buried in ruins after verification, will be built to commemorate the related facilities. At the same time, WeChat and many friends came to congratulate, long documentary literature, where Yunzhong spent 20 years in the "Sino Japanese War" in Sichuan, anniversary publication. As the famous war generals Joseph? Rong son, in order to restore the true history of fathers in the Anti Japanese War, 20 years ago, He Yunzhong by bike, motorcycle etc., all around for veterans, back to Shandong, Shanxi, Hunan and other places to collect Chuanjun combat, thousands of copies of documents, the final written 120 words of Joseph the history of the war. The original film shocked he was determined "at first, I wrote the reduction and didn’t want to write a book." In September 2nd 5 in the afternoon, He Yunzhong was planning a memorial day book donation, while talking about the original intention in writing this book, he is from a movie effect. At that time, the film "battle of Taierzhuang" hit, he was moved by Joseph Tengxian, fighting to defend The whole army was wiped out. story. There are circumstances of the office: Chuanjun fight to the last moment, the 22 army 122 division commander Wang Mingzhang, in the face of the ferocious enemy in calm, with corpses on the wall of his suicide. This scene, deeply shocked the audience. But He Yunzhong has a wrinkled brow, he thought there was a problem with the details, "the king should be killed in the war in general, not suicide!" The reason is because of He Yunzhong’s father? Rong worked with Wang Mingzhang alongside Joseph, "my father told me the story of Wang Mingzhang, and after the battle of tengxian." "They serve as witnesses, parties, to better understand the specific circumstances." He Yunzhong said, after he knew, he decided to write an article commemorating the battle of Tengxian, at the same time to restore the historical truth, "can move more." Then the study, he found that there are a lot of people such as Joseph Wang Mingzhang, and many stories never recorded, it is history away, "I decided to write this book." He visited for veterans riding a motorcycle around the Sichuan that year, He Yunzhong was more than and 50 years old, he does not turn to. Because of his father? Rong’s sake, He Yunzhong clearly in the battle of Taierzhuang in March 1938 after the battle of Tengxian, "father is Joseph 22 army 124 division 740 regiment, he told me the story of the war, about the most is the battle of tengxian." However, when he decided to write this article found great hung, bloated, "little information, rely on a person’s memory, is certainly not." Moreover, due to work reasons, real time to write a book too, "I did not give up, do a leave of absence, undivided attention to write." In order to collect the road相关的主题文章:

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