Bao Gangsheng why was praised the Athens city

Bao Gangsheng: why was praised the Athens city? Nowadays, "democracy is a good thing" has become the consensus of many people. Democracy is not a good thing? This controversy can be traced back to the ancient Greek city-state. The author: Bao Gangsheng (Associate Professor of Fudan University School of law) opened the bar, where the origin of modern political civilization? How has it developed? How are the various elements of modern political civilization invented? In the transition from traditional politics to modern politics, why do some countries succeed while others fail? What are the challenges faced by western countries in democratic governance? What is the problem of political transformation in the developing world? Where is the way of human political civilization? Bao Gangsheng, associate professor of the State University of Fudan University, and the new generation of political scholar dr.. Nowadays, "democracy is a good thing" has become the consensus of many people. The domestic academic circles, the earlier from the famous political scholar Yu Keping published an interview 10 years ago, the title of this interview called democracy is a good thing. Welcome the world wide, written after reprinted many times, led to the academic community and the media hot. Huntington’s political views turned to the fact that "democracy is a good thing.". In "the third wave: Democratization in the late twentieth Century" the preface of a book, Harvard University professor Samuel · Huntington have a saying: "he used to write political order in changing societies", because he believed that the political order is a good stuff (a good thing); now he published the "third wave" at this time, because he believes that democracy itself is a good stuff. Samuel · Phillips · Huntington (April 18, 1927 to December 24th 2008), the controversial American conservative political scientist. In his "civilization conflict theory" is well known in the world, that the core unit in twenty-first Century the international politics is not the state, but the civilization. Huntington’s famous book, the political order in a changing society, was published in 1968. What was it like? We know that many Asian and African countries have been independent since the second world war or around 1960. A large number of Asian and African countries after independence, when western political circles have a rather optimistic expectations. They believe that if these countries can design the political system in accordance with the European and American model, they will build a free and democratic regime framework. In this way, these countries can enjoy free democracy and political stability, but also achieve good governance and prosperity. But the real story is that Asia and Africa many emerging countries or emerging democracies have a large number of practical problems difficult to solve, some countries in political instability or political conflict, some even to the civil war. For example, Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, has spent only 6 years from independence to civil war. So, after the actual observation of the real political development of the developing world, Huntington found that the political development of many developing countries相关的主题文章:

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