Anyang man bought 7 million 80 thousand lottery prize in the lottery point boss surprised txplatform

Anyang man bought 7 million 80 thousand lottery prize in the lottery point boss surprised the original title: 7 million 80 thousand awards "hit" I store a lottery outlets in our city issued awards, attracting many lottery players to buy lottery – reporter Zhou Junying stick festivity in late November 7th, Super Lotto 16131st lottery. I open a current, 7 million 80 thousand yuan prize, was in my city a dot area Six lottery to buy Steel in the bag. This is a reporter yesterday from the Anyang Lottery Center learned the news. "What, winning?" The evening of November 7th, that their lottery points out 7 million 80 thousand yuan prize Wang Xinfang is surprised, "always listen to other outlets said over awards, he has been very envious, did not expect this to their own network also awards!" The 37 year old Wang Xinfang and her husband run the lottery outlets. November 8th at noon, the reporter came to this lottery outlets, saw the dot has hung out a written "new outlets in the Lotto prize 7 million 80 thousand" banners, posted on the door in front of the LED display news, also played a winning news. Hearing the big prize out of their often buy lottery outlets, many lottery came to inquire about the news. 30 square meters of cohesion with lottery outlets. Some old lottery to buy lottery tickets, everyone wants to be happy, to make a good beginning. In the face of an interview with reporters, the network boss Wang Xinfang smiling face, than their own grand prize is also happy. She happily give you a ticket, while the reporter said outlets after winning the excitement. I have opened this network has been six or seven years ago, I shop in the child only in the arrangement of five yuan, this is the first time in the award of $7 million 80 thousand in the 100 thousand." Wang Xinfang said with a smile, for this reason, she also deliberately early in the day, when more than 4 came to the store cleaning. Talking about winning is new or old lottery lottery, said Wang Xinfang should be the old lottery. "I remember that he used to buy lottery tickets, lottery that day in November 7th, he came to buy a Super Lotto single ticket, 7 million 80 thousand yuan." Wang Xinfang said with a smile. Reporters want to know more details of the grand prize winner, said Wang Xinfang can’t say any more, and repeatedly told reporters that she actually did not know the identity of the winning lottery. But if someone says they don’t believe the award is true, she can be very proud to say: "the award is absolutely true! I’m a witness to the award!" According to the Anyang lottery center staff, November 7th, Super Lotto 16131st country out of 6 note first prize, the 2 note 11 million 330 thousand yuan (including 4 million 250 thousand yuan of additional bonuses) additional bets first, points off Hunan, Guizhou; 4 note 7 million 80 thousand yuan basic bets first, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Guizhou branch falls and Henan. First prize of 7 million 80 thousand yuan in Henan Province, the city was in the lottery. (Anyang Network – Anyang Evening News)相关的主题文章:

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