And ask you not to sprout! Girl idol collective embodiment of mother glasses webquest

And ask you not to sprout! Girls idol collective incarnation of a lot of love for the mother of the two dimension of the house, glasses is a very special moe. Recently, Twitter has a pair of glasses in the "idol master Cinderella girl" anniversary of the ad campaign for their favorite idol wearing glasses and photographed uploaded to twitter. The Lord himself is very much like the role of "idol master Cinderella", of course, is more like wearing glasses idol! Ready to go to Shinjuku Station before they have prepared a lot of glasses. Shimamura Uzuki, red glasses are very good. Honda is not old, but the glasses wink is not even more exciting? Shibuya Lin, an idol itself is very suitable for glasses! Kanzaki Aiko Kisaki Mikanichi Lai Xi Xi Zawa Ayaka, many users believe that black long straight and glasses with it! Of course, like Anastasia Ryugasaki smoked on the spring vegetable itself wears glasses no idol…… Of course, the main push also prepared a spoof glasses…… I do not know whether the wearing glasses of the stamp of the gentlemen in the bud? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

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