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90 girls in the wine drugged robbery caused one death 1992 born Zhang Lin (a pseudonym), in the dock, wearing a green T-shirt, her head is not high, pale skin, wearing glasses, walking in the street, people may think that this is an ordinary female college students. However, she was in about half the time, the drug in the wine will rob hypnosis, male friends belongings of 8565 yuan, which also caused one death. The day before, Ji’nan City Intermediate People’s court heard the case publicly. It is understood that Zhang Lin is only high school culture, see someone on the Internet by giving people the diazepam hypnotic, while people of consciousness or unconsciousness of looting, robbery is premeditated by this method. In late January 12, 2015 6 pm, Zhang Lin and the then 26 year old Zhao Jin (a pseudonym) through chat software, to meet at the McDonald’s near the Shangdong Province-owned Hospital. Later, two people to the Huaiyin District of Ji’nan city harmony square in a KTV singing and drinking. 22 PM that night, the two men returned to the Zhao Jin Hotel, and from the store to buy four bottles of beer to Zhao Jin living room. In the meantime, while Zhang Lin Zhao Jin unprepared, three pieces of clonazepam in beer bottle. Zhao Jin drank beer, confusion, Zhang Lin took the opportunity to one of Zhao Jin’s black lenovo mobile phone (worth 63 yuan), a gold gold peanut Pendant (worth 916 yuan) stolen, looting of property worth a total of 979 yuan. Until the next day at about 17, the hotel waiter room found Zhao Jin has died. The forensic identification, Zhao Jinxi in the original heart, lung and brain disorders, the combined effect of clonazepam and alcohol under acute heart failure death. In January 17, 2015, Zhang Lin was Ji’nan City Public Security Bureau Huaiyin District branch of criminal detention on suspicion of robbery, was arrested in February 17th. This is not the first time Zhang Lin. From August 28, 2014 to January 9, 2015, she went to the Shangdong Province-owned Hospital and many other hospitals to buy more than 400 pieces of Clonazepam Tablets. From August 2014 to January 2015, Zhang Lin in Weifang City, Qingdao City, Ji’nan city for the crime in six, causing one death, rob the victim, mobile phone pendants, cash and other property, worth a total of RMB 8565 yuan. It is worth mentioning that, of the six cases, the same modus operandi: Zhang Lin’s contact with the victim through chat software, meet, together to the bar, hotel or hotel victims to drink wine during opportunistic running stability, upon the victim unconscious swept their belongings away. The prosecution that the defendant Zhang Lin for the purpose of illegal possession, use of antipsychotic drugs repeatedly robbed others’ property, and caused one death, their behavior violated the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" the 263rd regulation, the criminal facts are clear, the evidence is true and sufficient, should be held criminally responsible for robbery. The court will be scheduled for sentencing.

90后女孩酒里下迷药实施抢劫 致一人死亡   1992年出生的张琳(化名),站在被告席上,身穿一件绿色T恤,她个头不高,皮肤白净,戴着眼镜,走在大街上,别人可能觉得这是个普通的女大学生。然而,她曾在半年左右的时间里,通过在酒里下药将人催眠,抢劫男网友财物共8565元,其间还致一人死亡。日前,济南市中院公开审理了此案。   据了解,张琳只有高中文化,在网上看到有人通过给人下安定药物催眠,趁人意识不清或无意识之机抢劫财物,便预谋通过此方法实施抢劫。   2015年1月12日晚6时许,张琳与当时26岁的赵金(化名)通过聊天软件联系,约定在山东省立医院附近的麦当劳见面。   后来,两人到济南市槐荫区和谐广场某KTV唱歌、喝酒。当晚22时左右,二人回到赵金居住的宾馆,并从商店买了四瓶啤酒回到赵金居住的房间喝酒。   其间,张琳趁赵金不备,将三片氯硝安定放在啤酒瓶内。赵金喝了啤酒后,意识模糊,张琳趁机将赵金的黑色联想手机一部(价值63元)、黄金足金花生吊坠一个(价值916元)劫走,抢劫财物价值共计979元。   直到次日17时左右,宾馆服务员整理房间发现赵金已死亡。经法医鉴定,赵金系在原有心、肺、脑疾患的基础上,在氯硝安定及酒精联合作用下急性心力衰竭死亡。   2015年1月17日,张琳因涉嫌抢劫罪被济南市公安局槐荫区分局刑事拘留,2月17日被逮捕。   这已不是张琳第一次作案。2014年8月28日至2015年1月9日,她先后到山东省立医院等多家医院购买400余片氯硝西泮片。   2014年8月至2015年1月,张琳分别在潍坊市、青岛市、济南市连续作案六起,致一人死亡,劫取被害人手机、吊坠、现金等财物,价值共计人民币8565元。   值得一提的是,这六起案件,张琳的作案手法如出一辙:通过聊天软件联系,与受害人相约,一起到酒吧、饭店或受害人居住的宾馆喝酒,其间伺机往酒中投放安定,待受害人意识不清醒后掠走其财物。   检察机关认为,被告人张琳以非法占有为目的,使用安定药物多次抢劫他人财物,并致一人死亡,其行为触犯了《中华人民共和国刑法》第二百六十三条之规定,犯罪事实清楚,证据确实、充分,应当以抢劫罪追究其刑事责任。   此案法庭将择期宣判。相关的主题文章:

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