Musical works are frequently infringed Xiao Ke and other musicians sued the relevant agencies foxpro6.0免费下载

Music works by the infringement of   Xiao Ke and other musicians to prosecute the relevant institutions – People’s Entertainment Channel – People’s original title: how much money is not important to win back, focusing on the argument "who gives us the price?! Who stole our things to achieve the brilliant TA?!" The face of the recent frequent music is copyright infringement event yesterday by Gu Jianfen, Qiao Yu, Xiao Ke and other music Sambo, initiated the establishment of the copyright agency of China formally to Al Au vocal music infringement "make a statement". In recent years, music is in use, the premise without the authorization of the copyright owner of the alleged infringement of the lawful rights and interests of music people incident. In the singing talent show "The Voice of China" in third and fourth season, season third runner up in the fourth quarter, singer Parr Hart champion singer Zhang Lei, both in the premise without authorization of the copyright of music lyrics, singing the song "lonely because of missing you"; and the third quarter player Robynn& Kendy and apple orchard; also, in the case of unauthorized concert "say you love me". Just two months ago, the music of Xiao Ke’s song "because of love" by the new media Co., Ltd. Zhuhai hi Ma pearl run from the media since the use of "Dong Mingzhu". "Because of love" lyrics "was adapted into a rice cooker video to you, listen to their mood after use, into a rice cooker advertising songs. At present, China has to use al Au "loneliness is because of missing you" "said," I love you "because of love" of the Shanghai Canxing Culture Communication Co. Ltd., GREE electric company, Himachal pearl new media company and other relevant units and individual proceedings, demanded an apology, stop the infringement, compensate for the losses. When it comes to music infringement, musician Xiao Ke said that the copyright issue has been troubled him for a long time, as early as a decade ago, there are real estate companies with my songs to advertise." When he found each other, the other side said he did not know that the creation of works, but also thought it was a classical music. "He looks at my work so high, I seem to have to thank him." Xiao Ke repeatedly smile, and this caused by the lack of the consciousness of copyright disputes, ultimately only to apologize in. Over the past decade, now the music people know the importance of copyright protection, but the cost is too high." Xiao Ke admitted that a copyright lawsuit needs to pay great attention, whether the time cost and attorney costs are high, even won the lawsuit can only win back thousands of yuan compensation, "pay and income is not proportional, lawyers are not willing to take this." "But treating infringement is like dealing with drunk driving." In Xiao Ke’s opinion, only deduction, deduction, no one realized the harmfulness of drunk driving, can we soon realize that this is illegal, even to be sentenced, the situation will change. What he wants is to make more people aware of the importance of maintaining the copyright of music. "This time, regardless of the final win back a few dollars, we will insist on the lawsuit to fight." Xiao Ke said, "is not how much money to win back, like" the story of Qiu Ju "that is to say!" (reporter Han Xuan) (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章:

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