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The influence of Typhoon AERE and cold air   Fujian issued rainstorm and gale warning signal – Fujian Channel – Fujian next 24 hours rainfall of Fuzhou in October 8, (Zhan Tuorong) 8 evening, dark clouds over Fuzhou, and then It is raining cats and dogs. Fuzhou meteorological department immediately issued an orange rainstorm warning signal, to do a good job of prevention of urban and rural waterlogging caused by heavy rainfall, landslides, flash floods and mudslides and other disasters. Day 13, nineteenth this year, typhoon "Aere" center is located in the northeastern South China Sea from Fujian about 260 kilometers southwest of Zhaoan on the maximum wind near the center 10. Typhoon "Aere" in situ swing less, the strength to maintain or increase, is expected to Guangdong to the coastal area near Hainan. Fujian Sheng Fangzhi news release: affected by Typhoon "Aere" and the strong cold air, the evening of 8 to the next night, Fujian province’s coastal and Taiwan Strait from the north to the South gradually increase to 7 ~ 9 gust 10 to 12; 8 during the day to night, Zhangzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Putian four city and southwest of the city of Fuzhou there is heavy rain, local heavy rain. 9 southern coastal areas with heavy rain to heavy rain. Fujian Meteorological Observatory also released the same day, the South China Sea coastal rainstorm warning, coastal and Taiwan Strait gale warning and maritime typhoon message, start rainstorm warning IV. We continue to do a good job of Typhoon AERE and heavy rainfall defense work, Fujian requires all localities and departments to strengthen flood duty for 24 hours and the leadership class, closely monitor the customs, rainfall, water regime, timely warning information, timely arrangements for prevention work; safety management of coastal areas to continue implementation of the sea fishing, coastal tourism personnel ferry wharf, etc., in particular to strengthen the management of fishing shelter, fishing boats to prevent North 23° South waters. At the same time, to prevent heavy rains especially short-term local heavy rainfall may lead to geological disasters and urban waterlogging, flash floods, disaster prone areas of focus, to take decisive measures to advance the transfer of threatened staff, to ensure the safety of life. To strengthen water conservancy projects such as reservoirs, sluices, dikes and other inspections, timely removal of engineering safety risks. In addition, but also to strengthen the scientific reservoir scheduling to ensure the safety of flood control. (Wu Zhou, commissioning editor: Zhang?)相关的主题文章:

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