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The Zhuhai airshow officially opened today ten lens cool miss (Figure) Beijing Beijing 1 November Xinhua: Zhuhai airshow this opening of ten lens cool missed today, the eleventh session of the China airshow in Guangdong will be opened in Zhuhai. In this big kill rally on the platform of the Zhuhai air show in the end what to see? Dance from the "black ribbon" f -20 debut, "Panniu" -20 shock to the domestic UAV flight, "Rainbow" in the sky…… Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) ten lens cool reporter combing the Zhuhai air show will be staged, with you tomorrow. The lens of a "black ribbon" Dance – made stealth fighter f -20 debut China air force spokesman Shen Jinke said on 28, at the Zhuhai airshow, air force pilots will drive f -20 aircraft flight display, it will be China independently developed a new generation of stealth fighter debut. At present, the development of F -20 aircraft is advancing according to plan, the aircraft will further enhance the overall combat capability of the air force China. Some media said that the emergence of the -20 will be the par American F-22 fighter production. In 2011, the first fighter -20 demonstrator in Chengdu first flight, many fans will be named "black four generation machine, nicknamed" black ribbon". At the show, "black ribbon" f -20 how to complete their first show, the parties concerned. 3 "red arrow" put "Cupid" picture. Lu Shaolong shot two earth – the UK’s first show in China, in Yingeba’s play in addition to f -20, f -10 will also fly in Zhuhai. Director of China Air Force Equipment Comprehensive Planning Bureau Wang Zhonghua said at the show, "81" aerobatic team annihilates -10 performing machine will make a splendid performance. In addition to China "81", the British "red arrow", Russia’s "warrior" and "swift", Pakistan’s "four Xiaolong" aerobatic team will also offer stunts. Among them, this is the "warrior" and "swift" mixed fleet for the first time of flight performance outside russia. The British Royal Air Force aerobatic team will carry 12 aircraft HawkT1 Eagle trainer exhibition, this is the aerobatic team renowned in the world’s first performance in china. Their repertoire is called Cupid’s arrows: two planes in the sky out of a white smoke, drew a huge "heart", another plane took the white smoke "shot" and "Cupid", "romantic picture on earth". Pictured in the lead car under the leadership of -20 transport aircraft and glide apron. Liu Chang agency issued photo shot three "Panniu" shock – large transport transport flight -20 flight display, static display for the first time Shen said, in July this year, large transport aircraft fitted China independently developed the operation of -20, will be flying display at the show, and will be the first time for the public to static display. -20 aircraft is 200 tons large, 3相关的主题文章:

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