Changsha old nine door to witness one of the PLA in 1949 into Changsha (video) 高达08ms小队

Changsha "old nine door" to witness one of the PLA in 1949 into Changsha Video: William Chan Changsha dialect interpretation of old nine door on the outskirts of the Buddha Changsha original title: weekend! Since or go to the "old nine door" Changsha strings of the second half of this year, a film about the TV series "Changsha war" has been in the old nine door the hit TV turns. In the play, each one representing a family tomb, apparently, the "Nine" is the product of art processing. A city is a wall, a wall is a door. Ming and Qing Dynasties in Changsha there are 9 gates. Recently, a reporter for Changsha city "old nine door", the "door" in the station has not see before, I suddenly different feelings in Changsha "old nine door" an old man in Liuyang at the door to commemorate the text. Fan Yaxiang in 1911, a foreigner photographed Changsha city wall. "Wenxi fire" before the Zhongshan pavilion. This version of the photo in addition to the signature are photo small Wu: the former is the most solid doors witnessed the 1949 Liberation Army into Changsha between 16, reporters in the Hunan Road North to Wuyi avenue to go back and forth several times, but has not found the "small wu". Ask the old street, they answer surprisingly consistent: "this place is called" small Wu "!" in front of the small Wu, such as heavy traffic, pedestrians, restaurants, shops, banks and a home next to a Po Street in the mobile phone market is booming demand, a variety of new the tide of mobile phone straight people watch "bang bang to heart". An old man told reporters that the little Wu door was actually a small Changsha city Wu Guo". "When I heard this story, said that" little Wu "is very small, so small that only a hundred people. As those of us who grew up in a small Wu area, when the child, a game often play is playing "small Wu King"." The old man said, "Wu Kingdom" and no historical records, but in the civil society. In the early Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang on the one hand, reduce farmer burden, restore the social economic production, known as the "Hongwu period". At that time, a small Wu along the bustling market, handicraft workshops throughout, capitalism has emerged in the Changsha, invisible to the bustling mountain in the late Qing Dynasty and early laid a solid foundation. In 1377, Changsha defense command that Qiu Guang will be in disrepair, damaged the Changsha soil unbearable to masonry old city. The expensive wall large-scale repair project, unique in Changsha history. So far, Changsha start brick wall structure, the defense function is very strong, has been hailed as the "strong city", and "small Wu is the priority among priorities, strong city" strong as iron bastions. This area is stationed nearly 6000 people who, often there are soldiers at the entrance of the city gate "arrest thieves, pseudo cross examine". Small Wu Town Street formerly small Wu Zheng Jie, the Republic of China, the streets have been widened and extended to the river, the name was changed to Zhongshan Road. With the ring road construction, small Wu also passed away, just as a place to survive. But Wu has witnessed an important event in the history of Changsha: 1949 Changsha the peaceful liberation of the occasion, Chinese people’s Liberation Army held a grand ceremony in the city into a small Wu into Changsha), go forward with great strength and vigour.相关的主题文章:

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