Hi Derek Tsang Dongyu Zhou July micro interview chat hand piece of 月丘うさぎ

In July Derek Tsang Dongyu Zhou micro interview talk hi hand piece of Sina entertainment news September 15th Mid Autumn Festival night, the movie "in July and she" creative entertainment guest Sina micro interview, directed by Derek Tsang and starring Dongyu Zhou [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Ma Sichun, [micro-blog], Li Chengbin neat online users to answer questions. Always give a person with "quiet beauty" impression of director Derek Tsang like "hand piece" of body, filling wit boy, with more explanation, ridicule Dongyu Zhou in the film the first explosion design inspiration from Hsu Chi [micro-blog]. "Twins", Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun is the embodiment of "winter uncle" and "little brother", the strength of her sister did not see the film is soft, genuine male god Li Chengbin changes in the drama "slag male image, answer questions from Avatar chickabiddy, quite serious. "In July and she" creative entertainment guest Sina micro interview: Derek Tsang Ming did not choose July, also did not choose alone, picked me! A man, a film about the feelings of women story so nuanced, no wonder the audience asked Derek Tsang heart is living in a small lift. The director does not know the heart there is no living in public act, but definitely lived a hand piece. When asked about the film’s two female stars like what kind of men, the parties did not answer, the director immediately grabbed, said the two actresses like themselves. However, when asked to choose peace, or July, had also not taboo, called a girlfriend would choose to do alone, wife would choose in July. For home choice, the director said jokingly, Jia Ming not elected in July, she also won’t choose, because home have chosen their own! Your relationship is really good! When netizens praised the cast high value, had led to complain that the fare is too high to go to South korea. Meet with friends online to find the goddess Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun questions, the director is poker-faced, said there is no goddess group, only male god. Subsequently, when the user asked Dongyu Zhou will not try to explode the head, the director is naughty to paste the old map of Hsu Chi, said the inspiration came from this. I do not know Hsu Chi to see their own way to kill the Matt will be made? Director Dongyu Zhou said in the film shape inspired by Hsu Chi. However, when asked about the follow-up of the film, had seamless switching professional face, said he wants to take the most suspense film and detective novels, and carefully explain the end of snow scene is not a tribute to Shunji Iwai [micro-blog], but at that time the local a wonderful coincidence. Dongyu Zhou: a senior Satin hand, Liao Mei MAX Peter Chan said in an interview with Dongyu Zhou and she like. This is absolutely not false, please take a look at the winter under a few of God replies: Q: how in the film? A: dazzling! Q: why she was fat, grew so thin? A: being eroded by life. Q: what it feels like not to wear underwear. A: free and comfortable. Q: I want to lie in your warm arms? A: please report weight measurements. Q: the explosion in the film is very cute, have you ever thought about trying? A: I’d like to wear a wig for you. Q: don’t return me eat ten cakes? A!相关的主题文章:

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