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Ady Ann: never take the initiative to choose who loved love I love Ady Ann as "the world" Ady Ann Tokgo Prajna Tokgo stills the struggle Utopia Sina entertainment news in recent years, Ady Ann [micro-blog] on the screen in costume beauty image. From the spring and Autumn period to the Tang and Song Dynasties, played from the late Yuan Ming premiere to the Republic of China, a character almost across thousands of years. Many works of temper also makes Ady Ann acting more exquisite, is now hot shot of the "Tokgo world", she for the first time in the northern and Southern Dynasties, as "a three Queen" Tokgo family eldest daughter. The day before, in the "world" Tokgo crew open media event, Ady Ann was unwell but still very dedicated to accept the interview. In the face of reporters being considerate, Ady Ann smiled and said: "we are super sick crew infected it, but I told him I didn’t have a lot of stuff was infected, I also do not understand." This is a delicate looking female star, but a renjiner ballet in her, "probably for five consecutive days, every day at four in the morning to shoot, this concept is that every day you basically is not how to sleep." While at home is also a big sister in her interview also revealed her to love and care for his family is full, privately on the side of any person who is warm heart to not, see reporters standing visit will also take the initiative to say too hard to sit down to talk. In addition to share some of the Ady Ann crew occurred when filming something interesting, is admitted taking the Northern Zhou Dynasty brought her first beauty Tokgo Prajna is not a small pressure, there are still many lessons to learn. Because I am careless character like a boy, but relatively feminine Prajna foot a bit, this is where I need to learn". Face the outside of her high evaluation, but she was also very indifferent, "did not think so much, just think I love acting, love acting, want to go to the movie, and there is no pressure and emotional burden of family, love this acting thing I do!" Enjoy the "big sister" identity to seek self breakthrough in "lonely world", played by Ady Ann is the first Northern Zhou Dugu Prajna beauty, but she is also the eldest daughter home alone. To the family, she boarded the first queen of Phoenix, but the unfortunate death of a beauty. Interestingly, in the life of Ady Ann, but also in their own home big sister’s identity to his brother love with Canada, even her friends and fans will also call her "sister" or "big sister". Sina entertainment: the play is sister, life is also the identity of the sister, how do you see? Ady Ann: I’m a sister in my friends and my family. But I didn’t play all of the characters before, so this time I’m going to feel pretty good. Sina entertainment: will there be a character? Ady Ann: I think my favorite Tokgo Prajna is her cold and ruthless, her great ambition, but she is in the family, this is what I think I like her a little. Including her even to her favorite man, as long as it touches my family, I will let you regret for a lifetime. I)相关的主题文章:

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