Bazhong villagers digging bomb police safety risk is fast (Figure) (video) 霍金hawking

Bazhong villagers digging bomb police safety risk is fast (Figure) dug bomb (image courtesy of the Propaganda Department of Tongjiang) Sichuan news network Bazhong (micro-blog) September 21st news (Cheng Cong reporter Yu Kaiyang Li Zhaowei) today (21) days, the Sichuan news network reporter from Tongjiang County, Bazhong City Public Security Bureau learned that the day before, Tongjiang the first empty village villagers digging in the housing foundation, found a bomb. Subsequently, the Tongjiang County Public Security Bureau police heard the police move quickly eliminate dangerous. September 17th morning 9 am, Tongjiang County Public Security Bureau police station in WeChat public platform received the alarm messages saying: "Xiang Long Chi mountain villagers Zhang in the excavation of its own foundation, found a suspected bomb." Subsequently, in the police station immediately to the County Public Security Bureau report and sent police to the scene disposal. The police rushed to the scene, found the bomb has been rusting and exposed in the excavation of the foundation. Due to years of ground water corrosion, the surface of the bomb has been destroyed, but there is still the possibility of explosion, speculated that the bomb may be a legacy of war. Police in ensuring the safety of the case, the bomb away from the scene, while told villagers Zhang in the subsequent excavation process should pay attention to safety, if the suspected bomb and other dangerous items to be found in a timely manner. At present, the bomb has been handed over to the Tongjiang County Public Security Bureau police brigade, security deposit in the Tongjiang County SF blasting company warehouse safety, and dispatched personnel to guard, waiting for the explosion department for destruction. Editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand reading Canada: bomb threat to the province’s School Emergency Evacuation相关的主题文章:

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