Refined oil price adjustment window opens tonight, two even up down several foregone conclusion 申威1600

Refined oil price adjustment window opens tonight, two even up after a few foregone conclusion in the "after the rise of the two", into September, the international oil prices continue downward adjustment. Today (September 18th 24), China’s refined oil price adjustment time window will be opened again, domestic oil prices are expected to usher in the year the fourth reduction. The last round of domestic oil price adjustment occurred at 24 on September 1st, gasoline and diesel prices were raised by $205 per ton and $200. China Energy Research Institute of oil Longzhong Information Analyst Li Yan said, is expected to domestic gasoline and diesel by 120 yuan per ton and 115 yuan, equivalent to 92 down 0.09 yuan per liter of gasoline, No. 0 diesel down 0.1 yuan per liter. At present, the current round of refined oil price adjustment will not be stranded, but this year may be the smallest decline." The International Energy Agency research estimates an ICIS data model, according to the current international oil price level, to September 18th 24, domestic gasoline and diesel retail price is expected to decline in 105 yuan per ton, 90 measure to the retail price of gasoline and No. 0 diesel (the national average) were down 0.08 yuan per liter and 0.09 yuan. Although there has been lowered expectations, but by the holiday travel season boost and post "eleven" holiday approaching, gas station is still in stock, the domestic refined oil wholesale market on gasoline and diesel prices are still showing gains. The current round of domestic oil price adjustment period is eighteenth year cycle, gasoline and diesel prices experienced two stranded, down three times, six times increase, six times for international oil prices below $40 a barrel floor price without adjustment. So far this year, China’s gasoline and diesel prices rose 470 yuan per ton, respectively, and $455. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Hu Pei相关的主题文章:

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