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UnCategorized Why is Google doing these algorithm changes all the time? Well, the answer may be, that the behaviour of the internet users is changing, the competitors follow these changes, so Google must keep the positions. For the search engine part of Google this means a better quality requirement, i.e. that they rank higher those search results, which are seen as the quality informations. Now they focus on the freshness. 1. Why To Produce Regular Fresh Content? A simple answer would be, because Google favours it! By the way, that is true. Another reason is, that more and more the internet information searchers want fresh content. If we think the social site phenomena, what else they are than the fresh content sites, like Twitter for instance. So Google just follows, what the market, i.e. the searchers do. Another angle to look at this subject are the internet home business readers. To make it simple, which one would you read, a static, old content or a content, which has been produced within the last 24 hours and which includes a lot of comments, like a blog post? 2. Write And Distribute Press Releases And Articles. The internet home business press releases are effective, when they are optimized with your most important keywords and then distributed to the many sites. A marketer can additionally add the same press release on his own site to maximize the SEO value. Despite of the fact, that the latest Google Panda update downgraded some of the popular article directories, the article marketing is still one of the most effective strategies to promote online. After Google Panda it is even more important to select the directories to which you submit content. The quality beats the quantity, because the idea is to submit to those, which have the highest page ranks. 3. The Social Media. As mentioned above, the social media is full of fresh content, even very fresh, as in Twitter. Social media offers a quick and easy distribution channel which creates backlinks and serp effectively. We can count blogging also into the social media group thanks to the interactive feature of the comments. 4. The User Generated Contents. These includes the product reviews and testimonials, for instance. A webmaster should encourage the readers to write these by promising a small prize, if they accept the possibility. The prize can be a special report or some other freebe. 5. You Can Do It By Yourself Or To Outsource The Process. One of the challengies, which a one man company meets is the lack of time. All writing takes a lot of time and energy, so a webmaster must either be selective or outsource the tasks. In the beginning it is wise to use both, but when the internet home business will grow, the outsourcing becomes more important. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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