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Mobile-Cell-Phone Even in this lagging economy, cell phone companies are going strong. It seems that no matter how much (or how little) disposable income people may have at a given moment, they always manage to find room in their budget for the latest advances in wireless telecommunications technology. For residents of Providence, Rhode Island, who are looking to get in on the action and upgrade to the newest device on the market, what you should look for is a 4G mobile phone. A number of different manufacturers and service providers are offering these compact machines these days, and they are becoming increasingly popular because of their ability to achieve a broadband Internet connection. The truth is that 4G mobile phones are much more than just communications tools. You might even say that they are a lifestyle. One of their many functions is as a portable entertainment product. Because of the high speed connections they are capable of, you can use yours to stream movies and TV shows from the Internet, read entire books online, download music, post photos, stay in touch with friends and family through social networking websites, and participate in interactive web-based video games. You can also use them for work, whether this means emailing back and forth with your boss and clients, scheduling meetings, uploading reports, or even attending international video conference calls. In many ways, a 4G cell phone is very similar to a 3G cell phone. If you have ever used a third generation device, you know that it is also capable of connecting to the Internet. However, the speeds at which it does so are much slower than its fourth generation successor. In this way, you might think of fourth generation cell phones a sort of turbo charged version of third generation phones. Weighing less than a pound and fitting neatly inside the palm of your hand (or your pocket or purse), these phones are much more convenient than laptop computers that allow for similar types of activities. The fact that many of these devices come with batteries that will stay charged just adds to the amount of freedom and flexibility that their users enjoy. Some 4G models are operated using touch screen buttons rather than a keypad, a feature which is seen by many consumers to be an attractive, user friendly one. It also makes for a sleeker overall appearance. Regardless of how great these new devices may be, replacing your laptop with an advanced cell phone is not recommended. If you need to do a lot of typing or editing, for example, doing so with the small screen and touch keyboard of a cell phone will be an uncomfortable experience. It is better to think of your 4G phone as an extension of or supplement to your laptop. As mentioned above, there are a variety of options available for purchase these days, and a new model can cost anywhere from a hundred to five hundred dollars. Check with a Rhode Island service provider near you for specific information on package pricing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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