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Legal It is a tragic occurrence that happens every single day in cities and towns all over America, traffic accidents that involve negligent drivers. Through no fault of their own innocent victims of auto accidents are made to suffer because someone else chose to skirt the law and did something irresponsible. In many accidents now a days the use of cell phones are a major factor in the collision of two or more vehicles that would have otherwise made it safely to their destinations. Texting and talking on the phone are just as dangerous as drinking alcohol can be. While alcohol dulls the senses and slows reaction time in a person, a similar effect to drunk driving can occur in people that choose to use cell phones while driving. Because they are distracted by conversation and not paying full attention to the road conditions or other drivers around them. Users of cell phones are just as unsafe behind the wheel as drunk drivers are as their reaction times are slowed by their inability to focus on the road ahead and on their conversation, just as person driving under the influence of alcohol would be. While causing an accident by being on the phone does not carry the same penalty as driving while intoxicated does the results of an accident involving unsafe driving due to cell phone use are just as serious and deadly. In some states laws preventing the use of handheld devices are lowering the number of accidents caused by cell phone users. Legislation makes it illegal to operate a cell phone or other device while driving unless a hands free headset is being used. But even with the passing of new laws that prohibit the use of cell phones while driving accidents are still being caused by people that think the law does not apply specifically to them. The damage done to another because someone could not wait to use the phone can be devastating and drastically alter the course of life for the innocent victims involved in an accident. While the law may support the rights of the innocent, it is the duty of the victim to seek compensation through a bar certified auto accident lawyer that is familiar with the laws and statutes regarding cell phone use while operating a vehicle. In Pennsylvania, auto accident lawyers are helping victims of accidents that involve cell phone use while driving to receive the full compensation they deserve for the disruption of their lives by irresponsible drivers that are being forced to take a second look at how they communicate while operating a vehicle. 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