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Sports-and-Recreation While a sleeping bag can be enough to keep you warm in the outdoors, other equipment can help you sleep more comfortably. Camping cots, mats and hammocks are three options that can enhance sleeping in a natural environment. Campers who drive to their campsites can indulge in a wide array of choices. Backpackers need to consider whether the added bulk and extra weight theyll have to carry is worth the added comfort. Camping Cots Modern cots range from minimal, light-weight affairs to elaborate sleeping systems. Cots are available in a wide array of sizes. Some weigh as little as five pounds, making it possible for hardy wilderness backpackers to enjoy sleeping off the ground. Most, however, are designed for drive-up campsite situations. Cots with steel or aluminum frames are the most common. The best of these will be treated with a rust-resistant coating. Covers should be crafted from durable materials like polyester to ensure that they can hold the bodys weight. Cots for camping typically come with either two or four crossed legs. Some cots include legs that can be adjusted independently to allow for uneven ground or personal preferences for sleeping positions. Campers may opt for cots with a crossbar for added support. Others may find a crossbar uncomfortable. Some cots are low, designed for fitting easily into tents. Taller cots offer room for underneath storage. There are even bunk bed cots available and cots designed for those with special needs. Camping Mats and Pads When camping, mats or pads can be used to enhance the comfort of sleeping on a cot or can be used to provide a layer of insulation and ease between a sleeping bag and hard ground. A pad may be as simple as a piece of foam or can be an automatically inflating mattress. The weight of inflatable mats can range from 1 to 10 pounds. When it comes to sleeping mats, you tend to get what youre willing to pay for. High-end models offer wider and longer sizes, thicker mattresses, anti-slip fabrics, better insulation and faster inflation/deflation. They are also heavier and bulkier, however, even when rolled up. Some inflatable models include a repair kit and/or stuff sack. Others offer them as additional purchases. Hammocks Lighter and compact, hammocks are a good choice for extreme wilderness camping, particularly in forested areas with uneven ground. They can weigh less than one pound. Modern camping hammocks typically come with mosquito netting, stuff sack and support ropes. Some come with detachable rain flies or pockets. Often made from light-weight nylon, the hammocks can be packed tightly into a backpack. Some even come with tree huggers, devices that protect the bark of trees from abrasion from the suspension cords. Whether camping at a drive-up campsite or backpacking into the wilderness, the experience is always better when you can get a good nights sleep. The right camping equipment for your outdoor adventures allows you to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer without sacrificing rest and relaxation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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