000 targeted hits to your website for $300. Many aspiring internet marketers fall for this website promotion scam and I know all to well. In 2005 法学鬼才教授病逝 南柱赫李圣经分手

Now lets discuss the first website promotion scams which is safelists. These are lists that you can join and become a member. These safelists may have thousands or millions on them, who knows? As a member of one these safelists , you can submit your ad to the safelist of whatever you are promoting. It could be mlm , internet marketing , etc. The bad part is, that the other members on the saflist you have joined can also send their offers back to you. Pretty soon your email box is filled with offers you do not want. Let me digress, as I said earlier is that you can send your offer you are promoting to any body that is on that safelist, being mlm , internet marketing etc. Well alot of these programs provide the same ads for the members on the safelist of the particular program they might be promoting, mlm , internet marketing etc. What happens is they are sending the same offers to one another and no one is making any money. Ok you join this safelist and become a member. You start receiving a bunch of emails in your inbox from the other members on the safelists. You noticed in the subject line of the email, the heading How to make a $100,000 a year in internet marketing. Days and weeks go by and your are noticing that you see that same headline over and over again. You start getting used to seeing that headline and what do you? You delete it without giving it a second thought. Probably the other members on the list are doing the same thing. Using safelist for your website promotion is a waste of time because it become a game of receive email , delete email. receive , delete. Now the second website promotion scam I am going to talk about is those ad blaster software that promise to send your ads to millions of people and make you millions of dollars in the process, and also promising you that it will save you alot of time. This is software that you can buy and download off the internet for a a low price. Here is how this website promotion scam works. You open up this software and fill out a few fills your title of the ad for your website and the description of your ad for your website and of course the website address. You suppose to press a button and your ad for your website will be placed on thousands of websites . Are you a millionaire now right? wrong! because your ad is on top for a while and is then pushed off by the other ads and you have no control over it. Let me digress and say just because it is automated software and it suppose to save you time does not mean it is a better website promotion tactic you should use in your internet marketing. Article marketing is a good example of website promotion tactic that seems to be harder to start but is it more effective. There are many gurus who use and sell this type of ad blaster software and they prey on your hope , fears , dreams. The third website promotion scam is those guaranteed hit programs that promise you that they will send 100,000 targeted hits to your website for $300. Many aspiring internet marketers fall for this website promotion scam and I know all to well. In 2005 , I was searching on the internet like I normally do and I found one those companies that has one those guaranteed hit or traffic programs. So I called the company and I am not going to names no names. One of their customer service reps answered the phone and he was telling me about company and how some of their clients were having success with this program. I thought to my self, if I purchase 100,000 hits and get a 1 percent conversion ratio that is a thousand orders I am rich! Any how, the customer service rep told me all the benefits I would be receiving if I use this program , for example how it will improve my alexa traffic ranking. So I asked the customer service rep a question , Can you guarantee me that I will get sales using this program? and the customer rep said no. I should of bailed out then , but I had dollar signs in my eyes and so i gave the customer service rep my credit card info any way. So I purchased 100,000 hits for over $300 and my traffic campaign was to start in september and end november. So now my traffic campaign begins and I am checking my traffic stats and my sales stats. Now the first day of the month I check my traffic & sales and I see I have plenty of visitors and no sales. I am saying to myself, it is no big deal it is only the first day of the traffic campaign. Fifteen days later I had plenty of traffic and no sales. I was starting to get a little concerned but i still had a couple of months. The end of the first month the same thing plenty of traffic and no sales. Now we are in the first day of the second month, and the same thing happens, plenty of visitors and no sales. I am thinking to myself , Should I be making sales by now? Fifteen days later , the same thing plenty of visitors and no sales. The end of the second month same results. Now the third month, guess what what? you guessed it plenty of visitors and no sales. I just realized that I have been scammed and lost over $300. The feelings of sadness and anger and wanting to quit internet marketing for good. I found out some of the reasons why my particular traffic campaign did not work. The visitors the company were sending me were not targeted visitors and they they were not even interested in the product I was selling. What I paid for was hits and not visitors , and there is a difference between visitors and hits. Hits are just people who type in your domain name and leave and visitors are people who are actually interested in your product and stay and look at your website. In hind sight, I could of used that $300 and set a google adwords campaign and came out way ahead and I also could of purchased a ezine solo ad and came out way ahead. All website promotion tactics are not created equal. if it too good to to be true it usually is. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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