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Internet-and-Business-Online I do have to say that there is huge value to being able to 100% focus all your time and energy on your new home based business, and the rewards will mean that you business will grow exponentially by being full time over working your business part-time. There is one caveat to this; you need to use all your new ‘full time’ time commitment to really apply to your business – and I mean REALLY apply your energies in a focused way. I have helped people who have gone from part-time to full time with their new businesses and this increased time input has resulted in them being less ‘effective and productive’ when they are full time than they did when they were part-time. "How is this possible?" I hear you say – it’s a common issue many self-employed individuals have when they suddenly make the decision to run their business on 100% of their time; they suddenly fill their days with ‘stuff’ that is ineffective and unproductive to their business; ultimately their putting in the hours but not actually doing the things that will improve and increase their incomes. Some people have said to me "I’m doing more hours but my business isn’t increasing", and the key reason is that yes the hours maybe being put in, but how productively those hours are being used is the key. There are only TWO reasons why someone doesn’t get the increase in business as they should… 1. They are doing the wrong things OR 2. They are simply not doing enough of the right things. My information is intended to help you avoid doing the wrong things when you run a business working from home, so if when you go from part-time to full time you don’t get the growth in your business with all these extra hours being put in, chances are you’re simply not doing enough of the right things with all your additional hours you’re now inputting. It’s really easy to be ‘busy being busy’ but the real key is to identify what actions in your business really make you the money and try to do those particular actions as often as you can throughout your working day and week. Get into the habit of questioning your actions by saying to yourself "is what I’m doing now really help me to grow my business AND income?" and answer the question to yourself with full honesty. It’s not enough to just ‘think’ what you’re doing is helping your business – is that action clearly and unquestionably improving your income? Because if it’s not, dump it and get on with something that is! It’s all too easy to get into the pattern of being busy without being effective. The key is to stay focused on all the things that improve your income, and dump or put on the back-burner all the things that distract you from doing the things that increase your income. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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