2017 how to adjust the overall situation punyu

2017 how to adjust the overall situation? I entered the September pro forma, PubMed distance less than one hundred days, it is time to take up sprint, many students began to be surrounded by fatigue, sleepiness and doubt and negative emotions, in view of this situation, the national postgraduate entrance examination research center to sum up a comprehensive proposal. First, the body is the capital of the revolution 1, big dressing or small adjustment? During the preparation period, the mood is low, fatigue is a normal phenomenon. However, in the end how to correctly deal with, in order to ensure our high quality review? New Oriental online national research postgraduate entrance examination research center recommended that everyone in a similar situation, can make small adjustments, such as outdoor to vent themselves or friends call for encouraging or to the environment a good place to walk around and so on. This festival will not disrupt the rhythm of our review, we will not allow a large area of knowledge forgotten phenomenon. 2, whether to insist on exercise? We are often able to read a lot of experience in a similar "pro forma period to adhere to exercise," the proposal, but this proposal really applies to all of us? In fact, each person’s physique is not the same, habits are not the same. Some students would like to exercise, every night classes after two laps for them is a relatively easy thing; but some students would not like to move, so the students if you force yourself to exercise every day but will affect the pro forma. However, because from the exercise, so the students must form other good habits, such as sleep, a healthy diet and so on. Two, psychological adjustment in September, autumn fair, the civil service examination, turns on stage, this is also a lot of Postgraduate Party study when wavering, so certain psychological adjustment is necessary. First of all, we must have their own ideas, know what they want, what means to achieve their goals. Do not let other people’s choices or decadent state affect their review. We must adhere to their own review program has been set, but also must maintain a certain degree of contact and research friends to ensure that their review direction is not a problem. The other party must learn to grind appropriate reward yourself during the pro forma fatigue often comes from nonstop sprint, and appropriate incentives can give us the spirit to provide a buffer, so that we can calm the whole journey. Of course, there is nothing more fun than to finish the task of planning and reward yourself with a piece of cake and a movie. In fact, the sense of complete process of buddy basic to you want to go to school, and luck is important, but not to save power, did not reach the realm of luck is about. We would like to do New Oriental online postgraduate study section of the Road depot, welcome attention to New Oriental online WeChat public account, get more information section. So, let us put aside all the hesitation, negation, confusion, qupin! Go to work! "Shandong college entrance examination" news please click: 2 "相关的主题文章:

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